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In an effort to better serve you, we are now offering a complete, full-text Technical Service Bulletins, as they originally were provided to Triumph dealers directly from British Leyland. We hope that this new resource, never before made available directly to Triumph enthusiasts, will help provide more detailed, in-depth information about your model.

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73-F-1 Steering Lock Stop Stag
74-F-1 Rear Half Shaft Hub Flange Attatchment TR-6
75-F-1 Rear Wheel Camber Triumph TR6
72-F-2 Lower Steering Swivel Lubrication All Models
1-F-7 Suspension Geometry Data Triumph - All Models
1-F-4 Stop Light Stwitches Spitfire Mk III, GT-6+
1-F-3 Disc Brakes Spitfire and GT6
1-F-2 Revised Tire Pressures GT-6+
1-F-1 Wire Wheels GT-6, Spitfire, TR-250 & TR-4A

Transmissions and Differentials
1-D-1 Rear Gearbox Oil Seals All Models
72-A-6 Flywheel Bolts Spitfire
1-D-13 Magnetic Drain Plug All Models
1-D-12 Gearbox Mainshaft Circlip Spitfire and GT-6+
1-D-11 Tapered Dog Teeth (Gearbox) GT-6 Plus and TR-6
1-D-10 Constant Pinion & Main Shafts TR-6
1-D-9 Rear Axle Universal Joint TR-6
1-D-8 Gearbox Selector Rail Modification Spitfire, GT-6 Plus
1-D-7 Countershaft Gear 1st and Reverse TR-4, TR-4 A, TR-250, TR-6, T-2000
1-D-6 Notchy Gear Selection TR-6
1-D-5 Gear Box 3rd Speed Gear GT6 & GT6+
1-D-4 'D' Type Overdrive Spitfire Mark III & GT6
1-D-3 Mainshaft Thrust Washers GT6+ & Spitfire Mark III
72-D-3 Borg Warner Automatic Transmission Fluid Level Check Stag
73-D-1 Gearbox Thrust Washer All
73-D-2 "J" Type Overdrive Unit All Models
73-D-1A Gearbox Thrust Washers All
73-D-3 Gearbox Input Shaft and Constant Gears Stag, TR-6
73-D-3A Gearbox Input Shaft and Constant Gears Stag; TR-6
73-D-5 Revised First Gear Ratio TR-6
73-D-7 Gear Lever Rattle TR-6 and Stag (Standard Transmission)
73-D-8 Clutch Pedal Lubrication All Models
73-D-10 Rear Axel and Gearbox All models

1-C-1 Door Glasses All Models
letter1 Gas Cap TR-250 and TR-6
1-C-6 Campaign Number CCL693 TR-6
71-C-11 Recall Campaign A.414 Head Lamp Centres Triumph TR-6
71-C-12 Recall Campaign A.414 Head Lamp Centres Triumph TR-6, All 1969, 70 & 71 Models
75-C-7 Hood Stay Modifications TR7

1-B-1 Windshield Wiper Arm Mounting TR-6
71-B-3 Alternator/Regulator Repairs Spitfire Mark IV, TR-6 and GT-6 Mark III
72-B-6 ACR Alternators All Models
72-D-4 Inhibitor Switch (Borg Warner Transmission) Stag
74-A-5 Twin Contact Breaker Ignition Distributor Noise Triumph Stag
71-B-6 Distributor Contact Cap Stag
72-B-7 Batteries All
letter2 Lucas Battery Normal Recharge Rates All Models
72-G-5 Seat Belt Warning System All 1972 Triumph Vehicles
72-B-5 Surge Protection Device for 15, 16,17 & 17 ACR Alternators All Models
73-B-1 Ballast Resistor Stag
72-B-5a Alternator Control Relay Type 16RA Stag
73-Z-1 Modification Code #A.423 Distributor Thermostatic Vacuum Valve Hook Up 1973 Triumph Spitfire MK IV Vehicle Identification # Range FM-263U to FM-2538U
74-B-1 Windscreen Wiper Arm Setting Procedure TR-6 & Spitfire
74-G-5 Seat BeltInterlock Test Unit Type SBM-1X (Pektron) Part #BLT.5006 All
74-A-3 Oil Filter Sealing Ring Stag
1-A-1 Ignition Timing Emission Control Systems Spitfire, GT-6 & TR-250
1-A-3 Cylinder Head Torque GT 6+
1-A-4 Engine Sealing Block Spitfire & GT 6+ TR 6
75-A-1 Pistons All Models
1-A-5 Oil Pump Screen TR-6 and GT-6+
1-A-6 Accelerator Linkage GT 6+
71-A-14 Valve Springs Stag
71-A-15 Engine Oil Pressure Switch Part No. 121398 All four and six cylinder engines. Triumph GT-6 Mark III, TR-6, Spitfire Mark IV.
72-A-3 Inlet Valves 1972 Spitfire MK IV
72-A-5 Stromberg Carburetor Breakage Spitfire MK IV
72-A-4 Oil Filter Element - Parts Stock Stag
73-A-8 Oil Filter Removal TR-6
73-A-6 Cylinder Head Torque Stag
74-A-6 Cylinder Head Tappet Bores Stag
letter2 Air Conditioning Kits TR-6
74-H-1 Anti-Freeze All
74-G-4 Owner's Identification Plate All
73-A-3 Cylinder Gaskets Stag
74-A-2 Operation No. 12-29-11 (Sect. F) Cylinder Head Remove & Refit Spitfire 1500

74-A-1 Exhaust Gas Recirculation (E.G.R.) System 1974 TR-6 and Spitfire 1500
74-G-1 Operation Repair Time Change Spitfire 1500
73-G-9 Exhaust Emission Gas Analyzing Equipment, Infra-red Non Dispersive Type All
72-G-11 Sun Automotive Equipment Program All Models
72-F-1 Brake Squeal TR-6
72-C-2 Replacement Door Glass Part Number V038 TR-6
73-A-5 High Idle Condition All
73-C-1 Vyback Rear Windows All Convertibles
73-C-2 Preliminary Information 1974 Vehicle Seat Belt Interlock System TR-6 - Spitfire
72-C-1 Hood Catch Release Stag
71-G-23 Safety Recall Campaign - #A405 Windhield Washer Valve Spitfire MK III FDU31254L to FDU92802L
Spitfire MK IV FKI to FK7000
GT6+ KC50002L to KC82938L
71-G-24 Coolaire Air Conditioning Kits TR-6
letter3 Safety Recall Owner's Letter Stag
71-G-19 Safety Recall (Owner's Letter Attached) Stag
1-G-11 Triumph Tool Board ---
1-G-6 Workshop Manual Part Number 512947 and Part Number 511243 GT-6+ and Spitfire, Respectively GT-6+ and Spitfire
71-A-11 Fuel Pump Inertia Cut Out Stag
71-A-13 Crankshaft Main Bearings Cap Bolts Spitfire Mark IV, GT-6 Mark III and TR-6
71-A-12 Cooling System Stag
1-A-9 Single Stromberg Carburetors Spitfire Mark IIIGT6+ KC50002L to KC82938L


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